After 30 Years: Finally A Show In The Jazzhaus Freiburg

The Hooters are on their "30th Anniversary Tour" and of course they have to celebrate this also in "their 2nd home", Germany. After all these years there are still some venues left in Germany which have not been rocked by The Hooters and the Jazzhaus in Freiburg, looking like an old wine cellar, is one one of them.

The show begins with two surprises: for one, 6 Hooters are entering the stage instead of 5 and then the show starts with a brand new song with the strange title "Pissing in the rain", sung in German! the songs seems to be about loneliness, too much wine and the River Rhine and sounds quite weird. The reason for 6 Hooters instead of 5 is explained by Rob later on: Eric recovers from a broken shoulder and Tommy Williams joins the band in order to play guitar and mandolin (and by the way: he is really excellent!).

After "Pissing in the Rhine" 3 classic Hooters songs are played ("Day by Day", "Southferry Road" and"Fighting on the same side") and after that nothing can goes wrong: the audience and the band have a lot of fun and especially Eric does not seem to miss his guitars and looks extremely happy. And with Tommy  the band has additional options  for example during "500 miles" with Eric on harmonica and Tommy on guitar. But in the second half of the show Eric starts to play mandolin from time to time and at the end he plays guitar!

After the Don Henley song "Boys of Summer" in which a Cadillac is mentioned, the band start driving in their "Great big American car" from the "out of body" album and also "Boys will be boys" from the same album is played. The show is a great mix of "old" classics like "All you Zombies", "Johnny B." and "Satellite" and "new" classics like the fantastic "Free Again" from their latest studio album "Time Stand Still".

The only small flaw at this beautiful evening is the 2nd new song "Silver Lining", which will be on the upcoming new EP "Five by Five". In my opinion "Highway Bound" which was played last year is a much better song.

Even after 30 years the Hooters are still an amazing band infecting the audience with their joy of playing and their fun. And even part time band members look like part of the family after only a couple of shows. With "One of us"and "Time after Time" the Hooters an great show ends in the after show "meet & great" Eric says that this show was the best so far during the small Spring tour through Switzerland and Germany.

Ticket The Hooters 5.5.2010
The ticket signd by all 6 Hooters plus Tommy's pick

Setlist The Hooters 5.5.2010 Freiburg
The Setlist