The Hooters 06-04 2004 Stuttgart Theaterhaus

Its getting better - day by day!

After the tour start in Speyer Stuttgart was my 2nd show of the Hooters summer 2004 tour. The Speyer show was amazing, but normally it is like this: the longer the tour - the better the band! The Theaterhaus in Stuttgart provides a nice atmoshere: beeing a theatre you find seats with a good view at the stage. But the small area between the first row and the stage with no seats is the place to be.

Support act Daniel Denecken entertained the audience for 30 minutes with very good songs.

8:45 the Hooters entered the stage. Like in Speyer they started with "
Brother don't you walk away" from the Zig Zag album followed by the new song "That's the way I will remember you which has been writen by Fran Smith Jr. instead of Bazilian / Hyman. From the beginning you could see how the band loves to play live and with all the big hits like "500 Miles", "Karla with a K", "Johnny B" oder "Satellite" the audience was singing and dancing right from the start. Compared to Speyer there was less jamming - it was more a to-the-point rock show. Now, new songs, like Eric's "Untill you dare" or even "Morning Buzz" fit better into the concert: they sounded like well known Hooters songs. Eric, for example, is now playing accoustic guitar on "Untilll you dare", which  is a very good idea, and "Morning Buzz" (the first song of the accoustic part of the show) could be directly released as a new Hooters single. Same is true for "Gimme a stone" from the Largo album which made its way back on the set list with Eric on bass and Fran on guitar! The accoustic versions of "Nervous Night" and "Boys will be Boys" were highlights of the show. No "Time aftzer Time" and "One of Use" this time, but of course "Private Emotion / Heimliche Sehnsucht" performed by Eric and John. During this and other songs you could see that Eric and John are a very  good team: they had a lot of fun especially when both were playing lead guitar alternately.             

"Day by Day" and "Mr. Big Baboon" finished the approx. 2 1/2 hours show and what I expected before the show turned out to be true: the shows are getting better and better. So, let's go to the next concert!

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