The Hooters, 01. Juli 2007, Karlsruhe, Tollhaus

Karlsruhe with a 'K'

Finally! 14 years after their last studio record the Hooters finally made it: the new album is finished and of course the result is presented live on a big tour and only there you can get the album currently, before it will be released officially in September. "Time satnd still" is the title of the new album and you could see right from the beginning of the show: the Hooters are eager for presenting the new material to the audience. So the show started with 2 songs from the new album: "I'm alive" and "Time stand still", 2 very typical up-tempo Hooters songs followed by "Time after time", this time also in an up-tempo version.

The Hooters promised lots of new songs and of course the "Greatest Hits" so there were a lot of great songs to be played within the 2 hours the show lasted.  "Johnny B", one of the greatest hits the Hooters had in Germany, has been moved from the end of the show to the beginning. So it was no wonder, that the audience was very enthusiastic throughout the whole show. The Hooters presented 9 out of the 11 songs from the new album including the great cover version of Don Henley's "Boys of summer", "Morning Buzz", one of the strangest new songs and the thrilling "Catch of the day".

After a couple of new songs in the middle of the show, it was time for the big hits:
"25 hours a day", "Karla with a K", "Day by", "Satellite" and "And we danced" were rocking the tent of the so-called "Zeltival". At the end Eric presented a wonderfull accustic version of "One of us", with one verse in German (!). And at the end of the show, before the last encore, the 5 played 2 of my favourites of the new album: "Ordinary lives", where Eric and Rob share the songwriting credits with John, and  "Free again", a song, which has to be heard live.

The Hooters finished with a medley of 2 Hooters classics: with "Southferry Road" and "Brother don't you walk away" 5 smilling and happy Hooters sent  a very happy crowd home. The only thing which was not so perfect was the sound: the drums were a little bit too loud and Eric's and John's soli sometimes disappeared like Rob's accordeon. But hey: that's rock 'n' roll!

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