The Hooters, 01. August 2007, Mannheim, Capitol

Mannheim Rocks!

It's 5 minutes to 8pm and the music entertaining the audience till the Hooters will enter the stage switches to the Traveling Wilburys. OK, so that means that we will have to wait for another 30 minutes - at least that is my experience from the previous shows. And indeed, at 8:30pm Rob opens the show by briefly playing the "Largo" theme on his accordion before the other 4 Hooters joined him  for "I'm alive" and "Time stand still". The Capitol in Mammheim is one of my favourite indoor venues: it used to be a theatre in the past and so it provides good view from everywhere and excellent acoustics. Speaking of excellent acoustics: the sound was brilliant throughout the whole concert: maybe a litlle bit too loud but every single instrument and the voices could be heard. Combined with an impressive light show everything was in place for a great, great evening.

The band was in an extremly good mood and played almost every song from the new album "Time Stand Still", including "Ordinary Lives" which I missed a lot in Mosbach. There were so many highlights in this show: "One of us" in this great acoustic version including one verse and the chorus in German, "All you zombies" as part of a "greatest hits" section (including "Johnny B", "25 hours", "Karla", "day by Day", "And we danced",...) which totally rocked  and "The Boys of Summer", this great cover version. There was no curfew so the Hooters played for nearly 2 hours.

What a night! The only bad news is, that according to Eric the official release date of the new CD might be shifted to October. After the show there was a "Meet & Greet" and Rob delivered some good news: the Hooters will be back in Germany in November for a couple of shows. Don't miss it!!

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