The Hooters, 24.06.2005, Rastatt, Murgpark Open Air

Short & Loud

The Rastatt Open Air (The Hooters as support for Meat Loaf) was my first possibility to catch a Hooters show in 2005. The venue itself was very nice: located in a park belonging to an old castle it provides space for maybe 4000 people. Most of them were here for the top act of course. So only a few people wearing Hooters T-Shirt could be seen. After Steve Harley & Cockney Rebel finished their set the Hooters entered the stage at 8 pm and the guys started with a new song (Time) . Normally a perfect choice because this song really rocks, but unfortunately the band had to suffer the being-only-the-support syndrom also called bad sound. The guitars were to loud and sounded over-amplified and the vocals somehow got lost in this sound chaos. Also the second song (Day by Day) experienced the same difficulties before the sound improved dramatically during Graveyard Waltz / 500 miles. The band was trying hard to warm up te crowd, but it needed a couple of songs.

Although having only 60 minutes for the show I liked the fact, that the guys were not playing only a greatest-hits set but included 2 new songs. The second new song  was introduced by Rob and is titled "Safe in your arms", a very folky song with Eric  on flute and vocals (and guitar of course)  which was followed by "Johnny B". During the introduction of "Safe in your arms" Rob said, that this song will be on the new CD, but no release date was mentioned. After finishing the regular set which included "Satellite", "Karla with a K" and "And we danced" the Hooters came back for only encore (All you zombies) and finished the show at 9 pm. Although the sound was terrible at the beginning of the show it was brilliant at the end of the show: it was one of the best versions of "All you zombies" I've ever heard. But nevertheless I'm looking forward for the 2 full length shows next week in Konstanz and Lahr.

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