The Hooters 06-05 2004 Karlsruhe Festhalle


2 Hooters shows (Stuttgart yesterday, Karlsruhe today) in 2 days: you don´t expect many differences but the show in Karlsruhe offered some surprises.

The venue in Karlsruhe, the Festhalle, is smaller than the Theaterhaus in Stuttgart and this is also true for the stage. On the other hand there are no seats which is normally a positiv thing if you go to a Hooters concert. Dancing and jumping is much easier.

Like the day before Daniel Denecken started at 8 pm and there was the first small surprise: Daniel played a cover version, what is quite unusual for him. Styx's "Boat on the river" brought the audience in a good mood which made it easy for the Hooters to welcome the audience at 8:45 pm.

As already mentioned: the set list was identical to the Stuttgart show but what a suprise during Johnny B.: 2 guests suddenly appeared on stage. 2 female members of Jonny B, a cover band performing songs of the Hooters (what else) joined the band. They added a violine and a flute (which is normally played by Eric) to the intro of Johnny B and as a result the song sounded like what you know from the live album with Mindy Justin. The 2 guests, both from Karlsruhe, performed well although they seemed to be a little bit nervous.

Audience was dancing and singing during the concert, although it was getting hotter and hotter due to the nonexisting AC in the Festhalle. Drummer Dave summarized his impresions of the show with "Hot In Karlsruhe" in his online diary on his homepage.

The old songs as well a the new songs were well received by the audience especially "Heimliche Sehnsucht". My favourite songs of the show were "Graveyard Waltz / 500 Miles", "Karla with a K"  and all new songs.

During "Day by Day" also the singer of "Jonny B" joined the band and with "Mr. Big Baboon" again a very good concert ended. The only strange thing: After "Mr. Big Baboon" Eric left the stage without saying good bye leaving the other members on stage with puzzled looks on their faces. The remaining 4 Hooters thanked the audience and finally Eric came back on stage joining the 4.


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